Work With Us

We're an early stage company with two experienced software entrepreneurs as co-founders. This is an opportunity to work alongside us in an exciting space, with the ability for a lot of responsibility, input, and ownership. Plus, it'll be fun - we promise!

Instead of traditional job reqs, we're looking for people who have skills in the following areas. It's not necessary to have all the matching skills. If you're interested, contact us!


AI is upending how humans do work and we're excited to dive deep in this area. As one of our designers, you'd be working closely with customers to research their needs and come up with creative solutions built on top of AI models. There is a lot of latitude to think creatively and experiment. Plus, this is an opportunity to define how modern user interfaces work for the next generation of work.

Skills we seek: human-computer interaction, product design and iteration, design tools like Figma, experience in user testing and measurement, or experience working closely with developers is a must.


The spectrum of engineering needs we have is vast so we're seeking people with broad experience. Plus, we intend to use AI as part of our development environments: from code copilots, to using models as part of the development pipeline. As one of our engineers, you'd take your existing experience and leverage it in a big way with AI - after all, we want to work smarter, not harder. Finally, as one of our early engineers you'd have the opportunity to greatly influence what we build and how we build it.

Skills we seek: modern web development using React and other Javascript frameworks, ops for deploying and running models or code in the cloud, ability to creatively use cloud APIs to orchestrate and build apps quickly, or experience with mobile technologies, like mobile-first development, iOS/Android apps.

AI, ML, & Data

We're looking at the practical use of existing AI models, as well as training or refining our own models. Of particular importance will be running our own models so we can honor privacy and other regulatory requirements in the healthcare space. As an AI/ML or data engineer, you'd be responsible for matching the right ML techniques to the problem at hand. This can be an iterative process, as it's likely that big parts of the job will involve testing various models, measuring quality, and engineering the right prompts or chains. There will be customer interaction with this role as well, because we believe part of our value is explaining how our models work or why they are the right fit for the problem.

Skills we seek: experience working with large data sets, building and refining models using notebooks, production use of models, measuring quality and making refinements. This space changes daily, so a passion to explore the newest research, techniques, and tools is a must.

Special note: if you're a data engineer looking to get into AI/ML then we'd love to hear from you.