Health Literacy For All

Elevate healthcare with human-centered AI.
OUR MISSIONBridging the gap between complex scientific information and the everyday understanding of patients.In a world where health literacy can mean the difference between uncertainty and empowerment, we believe that everyone deserves the clarity and confidence to make informed health decisions.
It's complicated...
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Clinical trial protocols, medical research, and healthcare data are predominantly communicated in a language tailored for experts.This specialized language, while necessary for scientific accuracy, is a huge hurdle for patients and the general public.As a result, many individuals face uncertainty and feel disempowered, unable to fully grasp vital health information that directly impacts their lives.

What We Do

We enable a more personalized & empathetic connection with health information. Our approach involves:

Transforming Complexity into Clarity

Our advanced AI models are expertly designed to convert intricate medical texts, especially clinical trial protocols, into clear, layperson-friendly language.

Ensuring Accuracy and Sensitivity

We prioritize the integrity and precision of the original scientific content while ensuring its relevance and accessibility to a wider audience.

Personalized Solutions

We offer adaptable and customizable translation options by understanding the varied requirements of patients and healthcare professionals.

Continual Learning and Improvement

Our AI continuously evolves, learning from ongoing interactions and data, to refine the quality and relevance of its translations.

Our Team

We're lead by two experienced software entrepreneurs who have combined experience leading teams and building products. We are passionate about design, technology, and healthcare. We love making complicated things simple and accessible.

  • Joan Severson


    Co-Founder, CEO

    Joan Severson, as the co-founding CEO of, brings over twenty years of expertise in computer science and human factors to the forefront of healthcare accessibility. Her passion for crafting inclusive healthcare environments is grounded in her strong belief in easily accessible health information for all. At the helm of design and R&D teams, Joan has driven the creation of pioneering digital biomarkers and behavioral assessment platforms. Her leadership has been pivotal in creating solutions that simplify complex medical assessments, making them easily digestible for users. Joan's work is characterized by a commitment to innovation, with a focus on creating healthcare solutions that are both inclusive and easy to use.

  • Bill Lynch


    Co-Founder, CTO

    Bill Lynch, a software entrepreneur with a passion for accessible technology, co-founded HumanTrue with a vision to use AI to augment healthcare. His journey in tech began with Jive Software, a company he co-founded and nurtured from startup to a publicly traded pioneer in Social Business Software. At HumanTrue, as CTO, Bill leverages his extensive experience in software design and product development, steering the company's mission to create intuitive healthcare solutions. Bill's passion lies in designing and developing software that enhances human capabilities and understanding.